Enterprise Cloud

Valued Solutions Group has partnered with AWS and some of the most innovative cloud enterprise services providers to offer solutions that sync perfectly with your business model and add value to your organization. No matter if you are looking to create an online brand image or you want assistance in manufacturing or logistics, we have got you covered for each aspect of your business process.

Cloud ERP

Businesses need Cloud ERP systems that are not only strong and fast, but dynamic and secure as well. The benefits of cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can be well-seen in comparison with traditional cloud services. It is a system that constitutes various threads to integrate multiple IT processes across departments of an organization. We are one of the leading Cloud ERP solutions providers and offer customized solutions to meet your business requirements.


Accelerate the process of digital transformation with business intelligence solutions to gain quick and accurate insights to analyze the business standing and implement new processes based on those insights. Our reporting tools, available both on premise and cloud, can help you generate actionable information to eliminate guesswork, gain valuable insights on customer behavior, and monitor key metrics. Our state of the art reporting tools are specially designed to provide reports in real-time about various aspects of the businesses including performance, products, and profitability.

Customized Enterprise Solutions

At Valued Solutions Group, we specialize in developing customized enterprise solutions according to your specifications. We have taken the road to deliver highly scalable customized enterprise solutions and services to increase your ROI and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Regardless of the industries such as finance, retail, distribution, manufacturing, logistics, media, and others, we offer real-time integration of customized enterprise solutions that are a true depiction of your requirements

Business Process Automation

Valued Solutions Group is helping businesses utilize the benefits of automation by completely automating the business processes through interactive systems both on premise and cloud. The tools we are offering empower you to access and update the information at anytime and anywhere. These tools can also be used to standardize the current business process across the organization and implement them on one platform.

Cloud-Based Migration

We, at Valued Solutions Group, understand that moving existing applications to the cloud can be a daunting task and there is always a risk of missing out on important information that is needed for the successful migration to the cloud. We use the best practices to ensure that your cloud-based migration fetches you the results that you are looking for. Our proven track record speaks volumes of our expertise that you can rely on. Through our deep knowledge of the benefits of each cloud platform, we make your cloud-based migration smooth and easy.

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