Data Science & Business Analytics

Valued Solutions group is providing you the opportunity to harness the power of the data your business generates. Through the powerful, predictive analytics, we can help you boost your sales, customer service, and operations. Our data team comprising of deep learning experts and experienced data scientists, we are able to unlock the business insights, build intelligent user interaction system, and increase the revenue.

Data Analytics & Insights Dashboards

Utilize the power of data analytics and insights dashboard both on premise and on cloud to cater to the ever-changing business demands. The key to data analytics lies in the outcomes and not the technology. Valued Solutions Group focuses and approaches Data Analytics in a different manner i.e. from a business’ perspective and explore ways to derive, interpret and visualize data that help you deliver value to your business by predicting the probable outcomes and automating decisions.

Volumes Prediction

The objective of utilizing Data Science to analyze data through business analytics is to predict the volumes of sales and the rate of growth the company can achieve by working in the same existing manner. Our Business Analytics tools are highly accurate and offer productive results to set the right direction for your business. Designed specifically to give your business an edge in the highly competitive markets, our Data Analytics services offer spot on exciting possibilities of predicting volumes with increased accuracy.

Lead Ordering Assist (Predictive Model)

Valued Solutions Group is helping you take your manufacturing business to the next level through the utility offered by Data Science and Business Analytics tools including lead ordering assist. Based on the available data, the predictive model ensures that you are never facing stock out issues.

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